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Soft Egg Computing Curriculum Planning Formats

Thu 11 September, 2014

Teachers spend most of their time doing three things, marking, planning and working with children. Ask a teacher which of the three they would like to do more of and the overwhelming answer would be fairly obvious!

This means that is essential that teachers are more effective in the use of their time when planning and marking.

Here at Soft Egg we want to save you time, so that you can get on with the bit of the job that you love. To this end we have created our own version of the 5 Minute Lesson Plan (as made famous by @TeacherToolkit).

The idea is that you should be able to complete the planning form within 5 minutes, but still have planned an outstanding lesson. This is made possible by the design of the sheet, which focuses your attention on the key aspects of planning, whilst not demanding reams and reams of writing. You could even print it off and fill it in with a pen. (No way, I hear you yell!)

There are three different styles, so pick the one that suits you, download it and get going...

Soft Egg #5MinPlan

Soft Egg #5MinPlan v2.0

Soft Egg #timelineplan

Once you have used it then tweet us the results @softeggucation and dont forget the hashtag #5minplan to join in with the community of teachers doing the same.