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Supply Chain Issues and ongoing Prices Increases

Tue 22 March, 2022

Supply Chain Issues and Hardware Prices Increases

As you will no doubt be aware, the world has been hit with supply-chain issues which have effected a range of products globally. Most of us had hoped that we would see a reversal in this trend however this does not look to be returning to normal in the immediate future.

For the past 18 months we have struggled to obtain a range of supplies with lead times and prices increasing on what previously had always been readily available products.

As a result we are asking our customers not to leave ordering projects to the last minute. We appreciate summer may seem a long way off. We have already had orders for summer from some of you and for those schools we have been able to secure equipment already. Many of our suppliers are advising us they anticipate supply chain shortages especially over summer.

We would kindly as you if you do have a project planned in the future please talk to us as soon as possible to avoid delays. Software orders are not effected by supply chain but many of our suppliers are advising price increases are coming.