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The Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Schools: Even Post-Covid.

Wed 04 August, 2021

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Schools: Even Post-Covid.

Microsoft Teams is an amazing platform for schools to use. During COVID, Microsoft Teams has helped schools to continue teaching remotely and allowed schools to develop their use of Microsoft Teams! Sometimes when a situation occurs, a service may be used like Microsoft teams; within COVID it has given huge benefits to schools as many didn't try it before.

Here are some benefits of Microsoft Teams for schools and their IT services:

Brings Everyone Together in One Digital Classroom

Microsoft Teams is a central place for live class sessions with a range of other capabilities including, text and voice chat, calendars, assignments, quizzes, Live, Events, and much more. All of these capabilities can bring the classroom into the modern age making learning more interactive and fun.

Simplify collaboration and class management for educators

Rather than the old fashioned paper handouts, everything can now be done online which ensures that everyone gets a fair and equal chance when it comes to hand-ins as even people not in class will receive all information required, as well as this it will greatly reduce paper usage. Educators can prepare rubrics, post assignments, and stream lectures. Mircosoft Teams also enables internal meetings and sharing of course materials or lesson plans

Empower Schools to customize teaching and learning

Schools will be able to build tailored experiences through custom apps and tools within Teams, no coding experience is required. This will give students a much better learning experience and it will allow teachers to educate students in the same methods as taught previously as it is solely down to them rather than relying on generic apps.

Personalize learning based on insights about student needs

Through teaching a class, teachers will pick up on the general strengths and weaknesses as they can monitor performance using Insights in Teams, this means that teachers can track performance and then be able to set tasks to target weak points. By taking action it will improve outcomes greatly.

How can teachers continue to get the most out of Microsoft teams even though they are now back teaching in the classroom?

Even now schools are back in the classroom schools can still benefit greatly! With assignments, especially handouts and hand-ins can now be done online to keep a level playing field (no chance of losing paperwork). It is especially a benefit for children with special educational needs as Microsoft teams can set work that is specifically catered for each individual’s needs. Allowing for far more inclusion within regular lesson time.

Easily manage policies

Finally, a school can use Microsoft teams to manage policies and help ensure student safety. policies can be set for team naming, get visibility into security threats, and identify and address offensive language and threatening behaviours. This can be seen as one of the largest benefits of using teams in the modern times of technology and allows schools to concentrate on teaching whilst the software monitors student’s safety.

So, this was just a short look at the benefits Microsoft teams can have on a school post-COVID and why it is a great tool to have in the classroom! For any more information don’t be afraid to get in touch today.