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Is a SSD better than a normal Hard Drive?

Fri 12 January, 2018

Let’s make things faster!

Often one of the biggest annoyance for a teacher is that their computer is slow. You have 30 students all watching you, and you are sat watching your computer try to open a document.

One of the ways that can improve speed is an SSD.

A SSD is a Solid State Drive. It is basically like a bigger version of the little USB drives teachers often use. Unlike a traditional Hard drive you get in computers, it has no moving parts. Inside a hard drive there are disks and a little spindle, sort of like a record player. But a SSD is like a solid computer chip.


The result is that it is about 10 times faster. This means that it processes quicker and you are not sat watching it try to open a document for what feels like 5 minutes.

A lot of new laptops come with SSDs installed, and when you are purchasing new equipment it is an essential part of the spec to check. There’s no point getting a nice new computer with a super fast processor if the hard drive is going to slow it down.

You can often change the hard drive in your current computer for a SSD, and you will find it makes it a lot quicker and extends the life of your existing equipment. As long as your computer isn’t really old then this shouldn’t be a problem. If you aren’t sure then buy one SSD and try it, then if it works do the rest. If you would like to talk about upgrading your current hard drives or if you are thinking of purchasing new equipment and would like some advice, you can contact us on 0800 999 1212 or email us at