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Where Are Schools Going Wrong With Wireless Deployments?

Wed 30 April, 2014

Primary Schools are looking to connect high numbers of devices to their wireless network. However, as the volume of devices increase so the reliability, stability and speed begins to deteriorate.

Wireless solutions encounter problems when schools:

  • Don’t plan their wireless usage
  • Use home wireless equipment and ideas to deploy their wireless network
  • Fail to consider concurrent usage and the future
  • Deploy an unmanaged wireless system

Bristol School - Case Study

Our customer had added more and more mobile devices including laptops, netbooks and iPads to an old Wireless network and old switches. This resulted in slow log-on speeds, poor device performance but more concerning interrupted learning.  

Our IT consultant visited the school and carried out a wireless network health check. They then met and discussed with the management team their aspirations and what they were hoping to achieve with their wireless network. It soon became clear that their original system fell some way short of being able to meet their needs. Soft Egg drew up a new IT and school wireless strategy offering a phased approach. The school chose to fully implement our recommendations.

The school is now considered to be at the forefront of mobile learning, and is regularly visited by other schools looking to learn and understand how they can adopt the same approach in their own schools. They have since added significant numbers of devices to their network but the robust nature of their school Wi-fi solutions means they can add many more devices safely knowing that their investment was a wise decision.

Learn More From This School

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