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Windows Xp Support

Mon 14 July, 2014

If your school still runs Windows XP computers, read this article.

What Has Happened to Windows XP?

It's likely that you'll already have heard about this. Windows XP support officially ended on 8th April 2014 after 12 years.

What Does This Mean For Windows XP?

Effectively, this means that the operating system is out of date. You will no longer receive automatic updates from Microsoft, technical support is no longer available from the company and the computer might become more vulnerable to security risks such as viruses

What Should I do About It?

Many older computers don't have the power to run more recent versions of Windows because computers have become a lot more powerful in recent years. So, whilst it's possible to upgrade the operating system, your computer may be too slow to properly support it.

Computer prices have dropped dramatically over the lifetime of Windows XP and therefore the best option may be to buy a new computer, or suite of computers.

We're here to help advise on replacing outdated Windows XP computers and can provide you with competitive quotes for replacing school equipment with the latest protection and software.

Internet Explorer 8 

Internet Explorer 8 is also no longer supported. If you keep on using it, you may experience errors on websites you visit. It's also possible that your PC will be more vulnerable to viruses, hacking and security risks.

Updating Internet Explorer is simple. All you need to do is update your software to the latest version.

For official information from Windows, visit this link:

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