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Should Schools Provide Laptops for Students?

Thu 04 July, 2019

We’re making the case that schools should invest in laptops for students, because they provide a number of key benefits for learning.

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Innovative Trends in Educational Technology

Fri 14 June, 2019

This blog will walk you through the most innovative trends in educational technology, including augmented and virtual reality, gamification, AI, and mobile learning.

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How Can E-Safety Be Implemented in Schools?

Tue 21 May, 2019

This blog looks at how e-safety can be implemented in schools across the UK, through education, filters, monitoring, and expert advice.

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How to Protect Yourself from Malware

Wed 08 May, 2019

Malicious malware risks the safety of your data. This blog will walk you through some key malware prevention tips, so you can be comfortable in your security.

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Why You Should Move to the Cloud

Thu 28 February, 2019

As more schools plan to move towards the cloud in the next few years, this blog examines the benefits of cloud storage for education in terms of technology & student learning.

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Is Technology Becoming Essential for Learning?

Fri 25 January, 2019

Today, we’re asking what is the importance of technology in education? This blog will examine some of the ways in which technology is becoming essential for learning in schools.

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How Technology Can Cut Costs in Schools

Mon 10 December, 2018

There are many advantages of using technology in education, but it doesn’t need to be expensive, & can even save money in the long run. This blog examines some of the ways finance & education can be combined effectively.

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Tips for Ensuring Digital Security in Schools

Mon 19 November, 2018

Digital security is vital. This blog looks at some ways in which you can ensure online safety in schools through protecting data, educating parents and students, and backing up your data.

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Should Schools Ban Smartphones?

Mon 15 October, 2018

With France recently banning the use of smartphones in schools for those under 15, the debate over whether phones should be allowed in schools has reignited. This blog examines some of the pros and cons.

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How Can You Tell if Your IT Network is Healthy?

Fri 05 October, 2018

It is important to check that your IT network is safe, efficient, and reliable. Network health checks look at four main areas: infrastructure, Internet security, network management, and the wireless network.

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Computing CPD - How Often and Why?

Mon 24 September, 2018

As technology changes, computing CPD is required in order to make sure that teachers are up to date with the latest information. By doing so, they can help create a classroom that encourages learning.

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What IT Equipment Does Your School Need?

Wed 25 July, 2018

As computers for schools are more common, it’s important to know what IT equipment your school requires in order to get the most effective learning experience out of the technology.

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