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3 Ways to Improve E-Safety for Your Pupils at Home

Fri 11 September, 2020

The online world has never been more open, more vibrant and more important. Therefore E-Safety is now even more important to parents, teachers and pupils. Helping to protecting your pupils beyond the classroom is key to any successful E-Safety programme.

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3 Ways to Improve E-safety for Your Pupils at School

Wed 09 September, 2020

Find out how to take your school E-safety to the next level with these 3 handy tips.

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3 Ways to Get Your School ICT Ready for September

Wed 02 September, 2020

The summer is the optimal opportunity to ensure your school is ICT ready. This is especially important after months of remote learning to ensure a seamless back to school process for students and staff.

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3 Ways to Support Parents While Remote Teaching - Making Sure No One Gets Left Behind!

Thu 30 July, 2020

This period of lockdown has not only been hard on children but also on their parents. As teachers, you will know just how tough it can be to support and encourage children through education. And yet at present, many parents are having to do this in the home alongside remote working themselves.

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3 Ways to Encourage Teamwork Between Students While Teaching Remotely

Tue 21 July, 2020

We all know teamwork is important, it is often ranked as one of the most valuable and desirable soft skills in the world of work. And we all know that the foundations of good teamworking skills start at school. But how can teachers ensure pupils are still practising this skill when they are teaching and learning remotely. First, you need to look beyond the traditional classroom group project and consider how technology can elevate the humble group project to new levels.

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Using G-suite to assign, monitor and receive work from students

Mon 13 July, 2020

Find out how setting, monitoring and marking Homework remotely can be made easy with tools from G-Suite for Education.

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How to use G-suite to teach lessons remotely to classes and groups of students

Mon 06 July, 2020

Despite schools now having access to funding and support, to implement remote learning tools such as G-suite for education many schools still aren’t making the best use of these tools. So, in our new series of blogs, we hope to provide some tips, advice, and ideas for how you can make the best use of G-suite in your school.

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DfE Platform Provisioning Programme

Fri 24 April, 2020

DfE support to provide remote education during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

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Remote Teaching with Microsoft Teams and Google GSuite

Wed 18 March, 2020

Following on from our last update regarding the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to provide more detail on remote teaching tools available to schools

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Coronavirus: Our Service & Business Continuity

Wed 11 March, 2020

We at Soft Egg thought it worthwhile to send out a correspondence on maintaining continuity of our business and services, should the COVID-19 epidemic escalate in the UK.

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The Importance of Cyber Security in Education

Sun 05 January, 2020

Cyber Security in Education. School IT systems often have weaknesses that are easy to exploit because of things like outdated software, insecure passwords or insufficient protection.

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Understanding Your School Data Protection Policy

Mon 30 September, 2019

Making sure you’re up to code with your school data protection policy will keep you protected from breaches and safe from crisis.

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