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How to use G-suite to teach lessons remotely to classes and groups of students

Mon 06 July, 2020

Despite schools now having access to funding and support, to implement remote learning tools such as G-suite for education many schools still aren’t making the best use of these tools. So, in our new series of blogs, we hope to provide some tips, advice, and ideas for how you can make the best use of G-suite in your school.

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DfE Platform Provisioning Programme

Fri 24 April, 2020

DfE support to provide remote education during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

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Understanding Your School Data Protection Policy

Mon 30 September, 2019

Making sure you’re up to code with your school data protection policy will keep you protected from breaches and safe from crisis.

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How to Protect Yourself from Malware

Wed 08 May, 2019

Malicious malware risks the safety of your data. This blog will walk you through some key malware prevention tips, so you can be comfortable in your security.

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Why You Should Move to the Cloud

Thu 28 February, 2019

As more schools plan to move towards the cloud in the next few years, this blog examines the benefits of cloud storage for education in terms of technology & student learning.

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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Licensing For Schools

Mon 09 October, 2017

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Foldr For Schools: The What, The How And The Why

Sun 27 August, 2017

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Steps To Help Prevent A Malware/ransomware Attack

Fri 11 August, 2017

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Do You Know The Ofsted School Website Requirements?

Fri 02 June, 2017

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Useful Tips To Speed Up Your Broadband

Mon 03 April, 2017

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Why Do You Need A School Computer Support Specialist?

Wed 08 March, 2017

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The Benefits Of School Broadband

Wed 23 November, 2016

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