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DfE Platform Provisioning Programme

Fri 24 April, 2020

DfE support to provide remote education during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

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Should Schools Provide Laptops for Students?

Thu 04 July, 2019

We’re making the case that schools should invest in laptops for students, because they provide a number of key benefits for learning.

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How to Create a Workspace that Encourages Learning

Fri 08 June, 2018

Classroom design is often overlooked when it comes to teaching, but research has shown how there are a number of small changes that can be made to ensure that lessons are engaging and interesting for students, and, as a result, encourages their learning.

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Missed a visit due to the adverse weather? Read below.

Thu 01 March, 2018

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​Making sure your School Christmas Production goes smoothly

Fri 08 December, 2017

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Shut Down for Christmas

Wed 06 December, 2017

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Why You Should Revamp Your School’s ICT Suite

Fri 03 November, 2017

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Mobile Devices: Too Cool For School? Or A Worthwhile Investment?

Thu 16 February, 2017

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Get Your Head Out Of The Cloud And Your Data Into It!

Wed 30 November, 2016

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Cutting-edge Technology To Use In Classrooms Right Now

Tue 06 September, 2016

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How Apps Can Help Teachers And Students Learn Coding At Primary Level

Wed 06 July, 2016

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Computer Technology In Primary Schools – Recent Studies

Wed 18 May, 2016

Computer technology is developing at the speed of light, with amazing new hardware and apps being produced all the time, so it’s sometimes hard to know what is best to use. We review recent studies in the field to help inform your decisions concerning primary school ICT.

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